Diesel ***Adopted***

June 9, 2019

Diesel is a large, male Staffordshire Bull terrier aged 2. He is a friendly lad who isn’t getting any walks at all presently and due to jumping the fence is chained when in the garden. Understandably he has a lot of pent up energy so can be quite boisterous and giddy. He’s great with children but obviously he has a big, giddy lad who could easily knock little ones flying. He’s housetrained and fine to be left for reasonable periods. He’s used to sleeping in a crate. He’s strong on the lead so needs a decent halti/ harness He doesn’t like cats! He’s ok with the neighbours dogs he sees regularly but as he doesn’t go on walks it’s hard to say how he is with dogs he doesn’t know. He has basic commands like sit and paw He has zero recall. He’s a lovely, bouncy boy who needs a home where he will get lots of exercise and stimulation.

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