Coleen (f German Shepherd)***Adopted***

October 23, 2017

Coleen is a 15 week old German Shepard pup, probably bought from a puppy farm, by an older gentleman that did not realise how old he had got, or remember how much hard work a puppy is. She is fully vaccinated and has started toilet training , but knows very little else. Despite this she is the friendliest bundle of fluff, and is playful and healthy, though a bit underweight.



2 thoughts on “Coleen (f German Shepherd)***Adopted***”

  1. Just lost our beloved dog Nula to cancer,
    We got her from you 2 yrs.ago.
    After a bad start she turned out to be a lovely dog. We are at the moment utterly broken hearted, having said that when l saw the picture of Coleen my heart melted,
    We are interested, I am a fatalist !

    1. Very sorry to here about poor Nula,
      And thanks but coleen was snapped up quickly, the lovely girl is lucky and has a new home. keep looking!

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