Chere (f – Chihuahua) ***Adopted***

December 7, 2017

Chere, is a long haired chihuahua who’s elderly owner has died and left her in need of a new home. At 12 1/2 year old she has a slight heart murmour and has just started a course of tablets to help. Shes a bit round, so a diet will help too.
She is a bit of a shrinking violet, EXTREMLY shy and avoids everything. She appears to be toilet trained. Chere will need a home that is very quiet, with an owner full of patience. She has NOT shown any signs of aggression, choosing to hide instead. She has met other dogs and older children and hides from these too. She is crate trained.

Please ring 07551 891117 if you are interested in this dog, or select ‘Get in Touch’ above

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