Brandy ***Adopted***

October 20, 2019

1 year old Cocker x Beagle (1 in November 2019)
Brandy is a lovely dog with a really good nature.
Very friendly and good with kids.
She is well house trained. Good at commands like sit, down, shake paw etc when treats are available. Not so good when distracted by another dog or scent etc which is expected given she is half Beagle.
Likes to play with squeaky balls, squeaky soft toys and things she can play ‘tug of war’ with.
She likes other dogs but can become over excited when meeting them when she is on her lead. This can lead to her barking / whimpering some times. However off lead and in a home environment she is very happy in other dogs company.
She walks well on training lead (figure of eight) but pulls on normal lead.
Some recall but very scent focused and will run off for periods when chasing birds, rabbits etc. Generally kept on leads for walks unless in a safe area.
Unfortunately Brandy suffers with anxiety when left alone and currently she cannot be left on her own without barking. However when she is left with other dogs she is much more relaxed and doesn’t seem to bother. Therefore we are really keen for her to be in a house with other dogs or with an owner who is able to be with her a lot of the time and hopefully resolve this.
She sleeps in a bed in the kitchen and is happy at night.
She’s great when meeting new people. She’s fine when new people come into the house.
She barks at cats and would chase them given the chance. She is now in foster with a cat so we’re hopeful the novelty wears off!
Brandy limps due to the fractured pelvis she suffered when a very small puppy. It doesn’t hold her back and she is having hydrotherapy and it would be good if new owners could keep this up.

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