Bertie ***Adopted***

September 29, 2018

Bertie is a 7 year old cockerpoo. He’s looking for a special home with owners confident to deal with his nervous nature.

He’s a sensitive, timid lad who can be fear aggressive and reacts to some dogs but does stand calmly when his fosterer chats to owners of dogs if they’re on lead and he has rubbed noses with some small dogs on leads when they’ve stood and chatted.

He’s very good in the house and can be left for a few hours.

He needs careful introductions with people and his fosterer tends to put his muzzle on if he’s not sure when new people come to the house. As such Bertie can’t be rehomed to a family with children resident or regular visitors. When he knows and trusts people, he’s very excited to see them, can bounce about like a spring lamb!

Bertie loves to chase and play with tennis balls, squeaky toys (barks quite a lot especially at first when wanting fosterer to throw them), tug of war etc.

New owner must take on board his insecurities and trigger points for his own well-being and be prepared to work on addressing these.

He is a very loveable dog, and is cuddly and responsive. Can you offer Bertie the love and consistency he needs?