Bear ***Adopted***

April 3, 2019

*Available to long term foster. ADIN will cover medical costs for life*

Bear is an ambul around 4 or 5 years old he was found wandering the streets and taken to the pound and had a number of injuries suggesting he’d been beaten.
He’s been fully assessed and had his urgent health needs dealt with. He’s now looking for his forever home.
This is what his foster says:

Bear is a really resilient boy, who has dealt with a lot of change. He’s a quick learner & has lots of potential when it comes to training – he will need continued training to help him feel settled & secure.
Bear prefers men, & wants to be with them if he has a choice. Some of this is his anxiety, & the more time he has to get to know you the better he is at stopping following you round. He thinks he’s a lap dog!

In the house he is clean & dry – no issues; he will bark or stare to let you know he needs to go out, & we have been pre-empting this to help reduce his bark. The bark was very demanding when he first came to us but now it is an occasional request for something he needs.

He is food obsessed, though not food aggressive. He loves getting his head in the fridge & now he is stronger he can reach the kitchen counter to snaffle things. We have been eating at the table as he stares when we have food on our knee; he lies down under the table & has never been given any scraps or treats from plates so he knows begging does not work.

He settles well in the house alone – has done some extended periods without any incident or barking.

Bear has been getting along fine with our dog, but doesn’t really know how to play. He’s only just discovered balls in the park & gets very excited about that game! (But he can’t share toys)

Bear does not like cats.

He thoroughly enjoys his walks. He is a big guy and strong on his lead.

He does not travel well in the car – he needs a secure space with something to chew like a kong with peanut butter in. This will need work!

Sleeps really well downstairs & will choose the sofa over his bed.
Bear is getting stronger, & as his health improves we are seeing his personality come out. He can be bossy but as soon as he knows the boundary he quickly learns. We have not allowed any face licking, & believe he needs someone who can give him the time for training – this will allow him to reach his full potential & feel as though he is in safe hands. He would be best in a home experienced with large, bull breeds.
He’s always going to need medication & help keeping on top of his problems with a weekly routine for his ears & daily paracetamol for his joint pain.

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