Amy ***Adopted***

June 27, 2018

Female JRT x Chihuahua Amy 10 years old, neutered and chipped.
Amy is quite an independent dog who is very ball orientated when out and not interested in other dogs only her ball. She lives with a cat and another dog, is house trained but does not bark when she wants to go out, sits by the door or normally just goes through the cat flap as she pleases.
She is fine with the grandchildren when they visit but have to watch them if she has a ball in case they try to take it off her as it would be easy to be nipped but she has never bitten anyone.
She can be a bit bossy toward the other dog in the house and pinches her food and treats but is not aggressive to her.
She is ok on the lead although she does pull a little but being a small dog this is manageable. She has good recall.
Amy likes to settle down in the evening for a snuggle but is not fussy through the day. She is fine when left and currently sleeps on a cushion in the kitchen.